We are constantly expanding our network, trying to connect as many young people from rural areas in Europe as possible. We want rural youth to be united under the values of tolerance, solidarity and care for one another. This is why we are always searching for new member movements.

Why should you become a member of MIJARC Europe? Have a look at what our members say and contact us if you think our organizations could work together.

MRJC France
MRJC- FranceWe are member of the MIJARC since its beginning in 1954. If we are still present today it is because it allows us to meet people from different cultures and countries. From local groups to national level MIJARC helps us to share our best practices and meet with other young people around Europe. It permits us to compare the functioning of our organizations, it helps us to make progress. The best meeting places are the European events organized each year, the Seminar, summer camps, training sessions… During those meetings we have formations and discussions and we act together regarding common topics of rural youth across Europe (agriculture, non-formal education, youth employment…). Our coordination gives us the opportunity to have a voice in the European institutions, such as: European Youth Forum for example. In these institutions we try to express the voice of European rural youth. For all this we think MIJARC is very important!!!!

KLJB Germany
Germany-KLJBFor the German rural youth MIJARC shares a lot of opportunities: We can influence European politics as a huge international network. We can develop rural life by discussing our visions with other partners. And we can give our members the chance to get to know Europe by meeting other young Europeans. Imagine a summer camp where you can meet young people from Malta, Portugal, Poland or France… It’s always a good exchange about the future of rural life!

APSD Agenda 21 Romania
sigla agenda 21We are members of MIJARC Europe because we resonate with their
aim to develop and promote a sustainable, rural Europe. We believe in their actions because they follow a long-term strategy to which each member movement has contributed and we believe in their power to represent our interests at European level because of the number of people they represent and because the entire team works with passion and dedication. Being members of MIJARC Europe has brought us great benefits. Some of them were obvious from the beginning: the possibility to communicate and work together with rural, youth associations from other countries, an enrichment of our knowledge of the civil society at European level or an increased orientation towards European citizenship and hot topics that affect many countries. However, other were completely unexpected: the chance to take part to internal training courses, the chance for our young members to be part of international preparation teams and to learn facilitation skills and the chance to make our voice heard in some of the most powerful youth structures at European level. We could have never imagined that a small NGO from Romania, such as APDD-Agenda 21, would be represented in the European Youth Forum or would get the chance to contribute to political papers that influence policies in the UE. On top of all, maybe the best thing we got from our membership in MIJARC Europe, was the unlimited support and friendship we have been given and which we have learnt to give back during periods of crisis.