You should have seen her talking her way through our hearts during that interview we had, answering inspiredly and intelligently to those silly interview questions we had prepared for her: “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” – seriously, what were we thinking?

You should have seen her on her first day, having just moved from her country to start from zero in a competitive Brussels where she knew almost no one and where she would begin a new life.

You should have seen her walking confidently in our then-shabby office and lighting the room up with her presence, cleaning everything, organizing the folders, installing the printer and smiling to everybody.

You should have seen her every time the applications she had written were approved, her big, green eyes lighting up with happiness and her beautiful face spreading light, hope and gratitude.

You should have seen her bringing “Sally up and Sally down” on cool mornings before the long days of our seminars began, working out to keep her body fit and her mind energized and clear in order to answer politely to all those questions she had already answered to in the practical guidelines.

You should have seen her in her leather jacket and her black boots, looking like a rock start while carrying two heavy suitcases with folders, materials and the printer.

You probably saw her behind every process that ran smoothly, every piece of information that helped you get to the venue of a MIJARC Europe activity, behind every reimbursement form, every folder, presentation, report, application and positive change our organisation has benefited from since she came on board. If you haven’t seen her, you were not paying attention. There was so much you could have learnt from her. We all did.

Mijarc Europe is a better youth organization today because of her involvement, her time, overtime, compassion, carefulness, sharp mind and kind heart. She is Alexandra Solomon and until today she has officially and for a long time unofficially been our European Secretary, our support and our friend.

We wish you, Alexandra, the best! May your road to fulfilling your dreams be smooth and easy and may the universe reward your work and kindness!

We saw her and how lucky we were…

Arman, Claire, Cristiana, Daniela, Florina and Sara