In the last years, all the participants at MIJARC Europe’s activities paid additional fees on top of the regular participants’ fees. We now want to reinvest these carbon offset fees in a project that is a model for the prevention of greenhouse gases.

To implement this we want to open a contest for our local and regional groups to win an award of €240 (two hundred and forty Euros). Considering its view on sustainable development, MIJARC Europe promotes a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is to foster young people addressing the danger of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time we want to support the work of MIJARC European youth groups.

Eligibility Criteria
 The group that applies for it must be a youth led group, be it a local or a regional group
from a MIJARC Europe members movement;
 The project to be awarded needs to be mainly finished within the calendar year of 2020;
 The prize money must not exceed 50% of the total project costs;
 In order for us to evaluate the project, a transparent presentation on the use of the money needs to be handed in to the MIJARC office by November 2020;

Award Criteria
We want to evaluate the different projects in a transparent process. We will therefore assess the:
 Number of people involved;
 Approximate amount of CO2 that is reduced;
 Sustainability of the project (if it is a long-term project, what materials and which resources are/were used);
 Possibility to raise sponsorship by other donors;
 Visibility of the project in local/regional media;
 Quality of presentation.

We therefore call on you to either present your projects on greenhouse gas reduction or start a project on this topic and establish a presentation on it.

How to apply
You should send us by e-mail: in a pdf or word document, with maximum 5 pages A4, your group’s presentation explaining as detailed as possible how your initiative fulfils the eligibility and award criteria explained above.

Please, when sending your e-mail write in the subject line “Carbon Offset Price Application”. An email confirming the reception of your application will be sent to you as soon as possible. If you don’t receive it within one week after you sent your application, please contact us.

The deadline for receiving applications is the 15th August 2020 at 12:00 pm (Brussels time).

June 2020 – Call for proposals
15th August 2020 – Deadline for applications
September 2020 – Communication of the award decision

If you are selected for the award, you will receive 50% of the amount immediately. The other 50% will be sent when MIJARC Europe will receive a final report. The report needs to include a transparent cost calculation and in order to make sure the sustainability of the project how you intend to do the follow-up of the project.
In case you still have questions or need any further information, please contact us:

Full guidelines: