We are a European coordination network for rural and Christian youth organisations all over Europe. Today we represent over 170. 000 young people from rural areas in 14 European countries. The organisations and movements which are part of our network are active either at local or national level and they are led by, for and with young people.

We promote sustainable agricultural, rural and international development, European citizenship, youth policies, gender equality, environmental protection, interculturality and human rights. Considering the Christian values, we strive to implement and raise awareness about these issues and goals by facilitating inter-cultural exchanges, camps, seminars and non-formal learning opportunities in a sustainable and culturally sensitive manner. Employing our methodology of ‘see-judge-act‘, we encourage the participation of young people to build the Europe of tomorrow.

network-1989146_640.pngWHAT DO WE AIM FOR?

The aim of the organisation is to defend the future and the interests of the rural world and the people who live in it – young people especially. We also strive to support young people and to encourage them to take joint action in order to promote training and education in the rural environment.

Our aim is also to develop rural spaces, through development projects or through actions carried out by the association or its members.