Our vision


MIJARC Europe wants to be a key actor in the development of rural areas in Europe, representing the voice of rural youth, where young people are equal citizens, are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential, respecting the Christian values.

Our mission


MIJARC Europe is an independent, democratic, youth-led platform for rural youth, by rural youth. Considering the Christian values, we strive for the personal development of young people through non-formal learning opportunities, in a sustainable and culturally sensitive manner. We encourage the participation of young people to build the Europe of tomorrow.

Our methodology


We use the “see-judge-act” methodology which allows us to ensure the balance between reflection and action.

SEE – first we look at the situation, we explore the local realities and try to understant the context. Our participants start from their own experience and share their understanding and knowledge.

JUDGE next we analyse the situation, looking at the causes, driving factors and our role in the proces.

ACT – finally we reflect on what can be done, what solutions are available and we choose the optimal pathway to implement together with our member movements.

Our strategic approach

MIJARC Europe Specific Objectives 2022-2025