Challenging the broken global food system

The Our Food Our Future team have released their manifesto for you to have a look through and read! It is now available to download in English.

It has become evident that our global food system and supply chains have become unjust in every way possible: from worker exploitation to environmental degradation, we are truly facing an arduous challenge. While supermarkets and large food conglomerations are experiencing profits at record levels, smallholders and migrant workers have been left behind to struggle. Not only are they living under precarious and slave-like conditions, but the pandemic has further worsened the situation by enlarging their exposure to risks and increasing the probability of unemployment. Then, of course, we are faced with the ever-growing climate crisis.

We, alongside OFOF, will not accept these conditions anymore. We need to start envisioning a more socially just and sustainable food system, and start taking action now.

Want to know what OFOF is all about? Who are the profiteers of injustice? What are our messages and demands to these profiteers? Discover the answers to these questions and more by downloading the OFOF manifesto below!