We are looking for 3 new members in our board this year!

The call is open to any member of our full member organizations.

Potential candidates can reach the board via board@mijarc.eu to express their will to candidate. They can send a video, visuals or anything they want to promote their candidacy before the 22nd of May, and we will share it with our members organizations.

The deadline to apply is the 4th of June, 1st day of the GA.

What is the role and the function of the board ?

  • To chair and to prepare the European Coordination (EC) and the General Assembly (GA)
  • To follow the objectives and projects planned in accordance with the GA
  • To represent MIJARC Europe before any civilian or religious institution
  • To materialize the decisions of the GA and the EC
  • To keep contact with the member organizations and partners
  • To preserve the identity of MIJARC
  • Having the legal signature of MIJARC Europe
  • Being responsible for the books, documents, and seals of MIJARC Europe
  • Being responsible for the registers, the minutes, the projects, and activity reports
  • Being responsible for the finances of MIJARC Europe, for the account’s books
  • To present the budget and the profit and loss accounts to the GA

What are the competences required ?

  • Have experience in organizing events at regional or national level in their organization
  • Be interested by youth rights, youth empowerment, advocacy work
  • Have experience in teamworking

Have any questions? Contact board@mijarc.eu