MIJARC Europe is a nongovernmental organisation established for the rural youth and by the rural youth. We promote and advocate for sustainable agricultural and value chains, environmental protectiondevelopment of rural areas in Europe, European active citizenship and youth policies, gender equality, interculturality, human rights and diversity inclusion. In line with our Christian values, we strive to implement and raise awareness about these issues by facilitating interculturalnonformal learning opportunities and by engaging in advocacy and partnership processes.

Currently, we are seeking to hire a resourceful person, with strong administrative and financial skillsas well as, a good understanding of the legal environment for ASBL and AISBL in Belgium, in order to fulfil the role of a parttime Administrative and Financial Officer. This is a critical role primarily accountable for the effective running of the Secretariat and the office of MIJARC Europe. To be successful in this role you should be passionate about working for nonprofit organisation, understanding their specificities and possess an adaptable and proactive approach to work.

1. Job duration and conditions
Role: Parttime Administrative and Financial Officer
Reports to: The Board of MIJARC Europe
Duration: Permanent Contract (CDI)
LocationOffice in Brussels (Rue de l’Industrie, 10  1000 Bruxelles) with the possibility of occasional travels around Europe.
Working timeParttime (19 hours per week)Flexible working schedule can be arranged (either 2,5 days a week, halfdays, etc.).
Renumeration1,275 EUR gross per month.
Benefits: 7 EUR lunch vouchers on a full working day.

2. Responsibilities
 Perform bookkeeping and accounting (monitor and maintain all financial records for internal and external accounting, according to MIJARC Europes rules and Belgian legislation);
 Assist with payments (process all invoices, reimbursement forms, etc.);
 Be responsible for other services as necessities arise (post, delivery of annual documentation to Moniteur Belge, etc.).

 Support the effective functioning of the MIJARC Europe’s office and supervise office supplies and contract;
 Support the Executive Board with the legal management of the organisation;
 Assist the Executive Board and staff members with administrative tasks: minutetaking, reservation of servicestravel arrangements, payments and filing of organisational documentation and folders;
 Act as the first point of contact for external and internal enquiries to MIJARC Europe sent via email.

 Manage payrolls, lunch vouchers, taxes and ensure timely compliance with legal requirements connected to our Commission Paritaire and the Belgian legislation.

 Undertake any other related responsibilities commensurate with the evolving objectives of the role and the evolution of the organisation, as may be reasonably requested by the Executive Board.

3. Profile
 A relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Accounting, Business Management, HR Management, Political Science, Law, Economics or similar;
 Good command of English language (B2/C1);
 Knowledgeable about the administrative and legal requirements for NGO/INGO in Belgium (Commission Paritaire, Moniteur Belge, Transparency Register, etc);
 Experience with HR and financial management (processing contracts, payrolls, leavesbenefits, insurances, taxes and maintaining bookkeeping records in hard and digital copies);
 Experience with organisational and projectrelated audits and expertise in Belgian Tax Law and/or Labour Law;
 Very good knowledge of Office tools (Word, Excel, etc.);
 Creative, proactive and autonomous;
 Comfortable working in teams.

Highly valued
 Knowledge of Dutch or French;
 Previous experience with volunteers from different nationalities;
 Experience of volunteering or working in an NGO;
 A rural background.

 All applicants must have the right to live and work in Belgium.

4. Application procedure

And send your CV (max 2 pages) in a PDF file to recruitment@mijarc.eu with the subject line Application Administrative and Financial Officer_NameWe will review applications on a rolling basis and the last date for applications will be 24th of December, 2022at 23:59 CETSelected candidates will be invited for an online or offline interview. We reserve to close the call earlier if we find the right person for the position. The successful candidate will start at the earliest convenient date but no later than the 2nd of January 2023.

Call-for-Administrative-and-Financial-Officer_December2022.pdf (1830 downloads )

Call for Communication and Policy Officer. Apply by 24th August


Call for a Communication and Policy Officer

MIJARC Europe is a non-governmental organisation for rural youth, by rural youth. We promote sustainable agricultural, rural and international development, European citizenship, youth policies, gender equality, environmental protection, interculturality and human rights. In line with our Christian values, we strive to implement and raise awareness about these issues and goals by facilitating inter-cultural non-formal learning opportunities and engaging in advocacy and partnership processes. Employing our methodology of ‘see-judge-act’, we encourage the participation of young people to build the Europe of tomorrow.

We are seeking to hire a resourceful person with strong communication and advocacy skills as well as a good understanding of the EU youth policy environment to fulfil the tasks of a Communication and Policy Officer. This is a critical role primarily accountable for a strong engagement with our member organisations, our political work and the visibility of MIJARC Europe. To be successful in this role you should be passionate about working for non-profit organisations, understanding their specificities and possess a flexible and proactive approach to work.


1.       Job duration and conditions

Role: Communication and Policy Officer
Reports to:
Report to the secretariat management team
One year contract (CDD) approximately from September 2022 to August 2023. There is a possibility for the contract to be extended.
Location: Office in Brussels (Rue de l’Industrie 10) with the possibility of occasional travels in Europe. This is not a remote position but there is the possibility of partially working remotely.
Working time: Full-time (38 hours per week).

Renumeration: 2300 EUR gross per month

Benefits: 7-euro lunch vouchers on full-working days.


2.       Responsibilities


  • Coordinate the creation of MIJARC’s annual Communication Action Plan in line with our Communication Strategy;
  • Ensure the communication (before-during-after) regarding MIJARC’s Europe events and activities;
  • Manage our social media channels and ensure regular posting, supported by our volunteer Communication Commission;
  • Develop European-wide communication campaigns in cooperation with our member organisations;
  • Monitor communication campaigns from partners in order to identify possible collaborations;
  • Support the volunteers in the Communication Commission, providing assistance and training and ensuring their well-being;
  • Manage our website mijarc.eu and engage in its development, creating contents and visuals.


  • Coordinate the implementation of our Advocacy Strategy;
  • Support the work of the volunteers in the Advocacy Commission, providing assistance and training and ensuring their well-being;
  • Monitor some key policy developments and networks (Farm to Fork, HREDD, ERDN, CoE, EU Youth Strategy);
  • Represent us in one of our umbrella organisation: the European Coordination la Via Campesina (ECVC);
  • Represent us in meetings with European Institutions or partners.


  • Undertake any other related responsibilities commensurate with the evolving objectives of the post and the evolution of the organization, as may reasonably be requested by the Secretariat Management Team or the Executive Board.


3.       Profile

  • A relevant degree in Communication, Politics or International Relations;
  • Experience with strategic planning of communication activities
  • Experience with designing social media campaigns and managing a WordPress-based website;
  • Experience in policy monitoring, especially with regards to agriculture, environmental or rural policies;
  • Experience in representation and networking at international conferences and events;
  • Very good knowledge of Office tools (Word, Excel, etc.);
  • Comfortable working with different IT and web management tools, and willingness to learn more tools;
  • Be a Team player, creative, proactive, and autonomous

Highly valued

  • Graphic design skills and/or Website design and management (WordPress);
  • A rural background;
  • An interest in agricultural issues and knowledge of peasant farming and agroecology would be an asset;
  • Previous experience with volunteers of different nationalities;
  • Knowledge of Dutch or French;


  • All applicants must have the right to live and work in Belgium


4.       Application procedure

To apply, send us a motivation letter (max 1 page) and your CV (max 2 pages) in a PDF file to recruitment@mijarc.eu with the subject line “Application Communication and Policy Officer_Name”.

We will review applications on a rolling basis and the last date for applications will be Wednesday 24th August 2022 at 23:59 CET

Selected candidates will be invited for a second selection phase as an online or offline interview.

The successful candidate will start at the earliest convenient date but no later than the 18th September 2022. We reserve to close the call earlier if we find the right person for the position.

We are looking for 3 new members in our board this year!

The call is open to any member of our full member organizations.

Potential candidates can reach the board via board@mijarc.eu to express their will to candidate. They can send a video, visuals or anything they want to promote their candidacy before the 22nd of May, and we will share it with our members organizations.

The deadline to apply is the 4th of June, 1st day of the GA.

What is the role and the function of the board ?

  • To chair and to prepare the European Coordination (EC) and the General Assembly (GA)
  • To follow the objectives and projects planned in accordance with the GA
  • To represent MIJARC Europe before any civilian or religious institution
  • To materialize the decisions of the GA and the EC
  • To keep contact with the member organizations and partners
  • To preserve the identity of MIJARC
  • Having the legal signature of MIJARC Europe
  • Being responsible for the books, documents, and seals of MIJARC Europe
  • Being responsible for the registers, the minutes, the projects, and activity reports
  • Being responsible for the finances of MIJARC Europe, for the account’s books
  • To present the budget and the profit and loss accounts to the GA

What are the competences required ?

  • Have experience in organizing events at regional or national level in their organization
  • Be interested by youth rights, youth empowerment, advocacy work
  • Have experience in teamworking

Have any questions? Contact board@mijarc.eu


The three specialized work commissions created by MIJARC Europe back in 2017 started their work on the three thematic focus points and for the past year have had an increasingly more important role in the structure of MIJARC Europe.

The three commissions work on:

1. A sustainable culture for agriculture and rural youth
2. Our European vision towards an interconnected world
3. Citizenship and youth participation in rural development

We are currently launching a new call for members of the commissions to fill in the empty seats and join the other commissioners in their work.



What you will have to do:

  1. attend at  least  one  Commission  meeting  per   All travel, accommodation and meal costs will be covered by MIJARC Europe;
  2. attend the online meetings (via Skype; the number of meetings will be agreed by the members of each Commission);
  3. work on and take decisions about the methods to use and how to deal with the topics that are linked to the Action Plan;
  4. support the European Team as experts, ensure the external representation of the organization and set up the Think Tank if needed;
  5. set up and run the European campaigns as written in the Action Plan  of MIJARC Europe.

How to become a member of the Commissions:

Fill in the application form here below and send it to the Secretariat of MIJARC Europe via email: office-europe@mijarc.info

The ideal candidate is expected to:

  • Have a good understanding of MIJARC Europe, its structure and its aims;
  • Be aware of the rural realities in his/her country (and preferably beyond) and be familiar with the perspectives of rural youth;
  • Be interested in one of the three thematic focus points and be ready to do more research;
  • Be able to support young participants in their learning process;
  • Be able to communicate in English;
  • Be able to work in a multicultural team;

Be available for at least one international meeting per year;

Application form

Study session – “I, YOUTH ADVOCATE”

COE-70y-logos-dark-bg-quadriA study session organised by MIJARC EUROPE and DON BOSCO YOUTH NETWORK in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of EuropeEuropean Youth Centre Budapest. 

Dates: 7-10 October 2019

This study session has been a common idea of MIJARC Europe and Don Bosco Youth Network, two international organisations that work on very similar topics and who decided to do a joint study session on advocacy for their members.

Aim and objectives

The “I, Youth Advocate” study session aims to prepare young people from MIJARC Europe and DBYN Networks to be active advocates at European level, on diverse topics of interest for youth.

The main aim is built on the following objectives:

  • Assist young people to reflect on their local realities and link them to the policy changes they want at European level,
  • Explore advocacy tools and policy instruments of the Council of Europe, DBYN, MIJARC Europe and other European stakeholders in order to use them in their advocacy work,
  • Develop advocacy competences such as communication with relevant stakeholders, strategic planning and other skills to implement successful advocacy plans,
  • Empower young people to design concrete actions plans on advocacy to be implemented within the two organizations.

Hosting organizations

MIJARC logo transMIJARC Europe is a European coordination network for rural and Christian youth organizations all over the continent. MIJARC Europe represents over 130. 000 young people from rural areas in 14 European countries. It promotes sustainable agricultural, rural and international development, European citizenship, youth policies, gender equality, environmental protection, interculturality and human rights.

6390467Don Bosco Youth-Net is an international network of Salesian youth work offices and youth organisations which work in the style of Don Bosco.  The network assemblies 18 organisations, who cater for over 125.000 children and young people in 16 European countries.  The task of the network is to create and promote international activities for and by young and to create possibilities for member organisations to share their good practices and start-up new projects together.

Study session design

The study session is based on non-formal education methods and will present a mixture of the methodologies used by the two host organizations. The “See-Judge-Act” methodology of MIJARC Europe and the Don Bosco method promoted by DBYN. You should expect a lot of experiential learning activities, reflection moments, practical examples and space for sharing and exchanging facts and opinions. As MIJARC Europe and DBYN are both faith-based organizations, we will also take time to reflect on our own values, beliefs and spirituality.


Thee will be two main phases of this study session:

  1. E-learning phase (20th September – 2nd October) which will require 1-2 hours of involvement in total and will focus mostly on getting to know each other and setting a common ground to what we all understand by advocacy.
  2. Study session (7-10 October) a four-day residential phase taking place in Budapest, at the European Youth Center. This is the main phase of the activity and participants will learn about advocacy practices and tools and will create action plans that the two host organizations will implement in their work.

Participants will also be invited to continue their involvement within the representation structures of the two host organizations and to further contribute to the implementation of the action plans.

Call for participants: study session “I , Youth advocate”

The first international activity of 2018 is approaching fast and the call for participants has been lanched. So, do YOU want to join our call for peace and bring your contribution to have peace for all? Don’t worry, it is not very complicated. Actually, it will be quite entertaining, funny and natural, because peace begins with each and every one of us and our attitudes.

“A call for peace for all” is planned to take place in Ribamar, Portugal, between the 1st (arrival day) and 5th of July 2018. Three participants interested in the topic of peace from each member movement* are invited to join the youth peace camp. In call below you will find some basic information concerning the organisation of this activity. Also you will find attached one promotion info graphic, which you can use to spread the word in your movements about the Youth Peace Camp.

Download the call: Call for participants _ Youth Peace Camp_A call for peace for all

Download the registration form: Registration form Youth Peace Camp_ A call for peace for all

Please, read this documents carefully, and, do not hesitate to contact us in case you need
any clarification or further information:
E-mail: office-europe@mijarc.info
Phone: 0032 (0) 485 36 84 74

The DEADLINE to apply is: 20th of May

*Not a member of any of the organizations in our network? Then send us an email and we will find a solution. 


MIJARC Europe enriches its administrative structure with three new Work Commissions.

Following the decision taken by MIJARC Europe’s last Orientation General Assembly, which took place in Mainz-Germany, between 21st – 23rd July 2017,  three new specialized work commissions were set up. The three commissions will  work on the three thematic focus points and will help the European Board to implement the Action Plan and achieve the newly adopted Strategic Objectives.

The three Commissions will work on:

1. A sustainable culture for agriculture and rural youth

2. Our European vision towards an interconnected world

3. Citizenship and youth participation in rural development

Tasks of members of the commissions:
• attend at least one Commission meeting per year
• attend the online meetings
• work on and take decisions about the methods to use and how to deal with the topics that are linked to the Action Plan;
• support the European Team as experts, ensure the external representation of the organization and set up the Think Tank if needed;
• set up and run the European campaigns as written in the Action Plan of MIJARC Europe.


Download the document below to find out more about our new commissions and how to become a commissioner.

!Please note that the call is open only for the members of MIJARC Europe and  its national member organizations!

Call for members of the MIJARC Europe’s Commissions